Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women to achieve their financial goals through education of the basics of holistic financial planning and values-based investing. 

We Believe

We believe that wealth is simply stored value and that having enough to say "yes" to the things you care about is the secret sauce to financial peace.

Abundance happens when we have more than enough.

It replaces fear and anxiety with generosity and joy and allows us to explore the possibilities of good that can result from our overflow.

We recognize that abundance is both a position and a perspective;

that oftentimes, our perception of wealth is just as important as our account balance. 

To this end, we aim to offer tangible tools for making the most of your resources

and inspiration for pursuing the things you care most about,

that you might find abundance and make the world a lovelier place in the process.


Our Story

In the spring of 2018, my family temporarily relocated to the Bay Area so that my husband could intern for a large tech firm. Early in our time there, he shared that one of the most unique things about the corporate culture where he was working was that they operated from a place of abundance and because of that, they were able to do incredible work as a company. The conversation that followed was one that radically altered my view not only of financial planning and wealth management but of life.

When most people approach the topic of personal finance, they do so asking the question "Do I have enough?" Enough to buy my dream home? Enough to send my kids to college? Enough to retire? The question itself is fundamentally one of values and contentment. What we're really asking is "Can I fully pursue the things I value with the limited resources at my disposal?" The goal then becomes: how to save and invest in such a way as to achieve "enough?" But what if we went a little further? What if we got creative about our financial goals and thrifty with our saving and instead of seeking enough, we framed these questions in terms of abundance? 


When I think about the companies that I am most impressed by, very often they are companies like the one my husband had the privilege of working for. Because they have an excess of resources, they're able to focus more of their efforts on serving their communities and pursuing the things they truly care about as opposed to pushing their people to work harder, sell more, and meet the bottom line. Abundance is about having enough to not only meet your basic needs but also freely pursue the things that inspire and fulfill you and make the world a better place. Very often we view our financial security in terms of a dollar amount and that is a key element, but abundance is also about cultivating an attitude of overflow. And like companies, when we personally operate from a place of abundance, there is a shift that occurs in our lives. We become less prone to fear and anxiety and more prone to generosity and joy, and we are better prepared to weather the seasons of scarcity that will inevitably visit. So that is our goal - to empower our readers to lead lives of abundance. As you explore our site, may you discover new ways to live from a place of true abundance, and may your life and the world around you become lovelier in the process.


Hannah Boundy, CFA®, CFP®

Hannah Boundy is the founder and author of Lovely Abundance. She is also a founding partner at Sherwood Financial Partners, a registered investment advisor operating in Westlake Village, California and Arvada, Colorado. Hannah has written several books including A Gal's Guide to Personal Finance. When she's not writing or working with clients she enjoys reading, baking, playing piano, and spending time with her family and friends. She resides in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with her husband, daughter, and son. 


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